"These classes are the highlight of my week" - Clem Brakspear
Dancing Sketch

Winde Mertens

Since I got the Belly Dance spell on me, I've been studying it in-depth and sharing my passion for it in a down to earth, fun and safe way. Motivating learners to explore their movement range, perceive their unique beauty and connect with fellow dancers with ease and support.

Tribal Fusion is a contemporary style of Belly Dance that draws influence from several music, dance and costuming styles across all points in history. I'm largely inspired by the teachings from Tribal pioneers Jamila Salimpour and Rachel Brice.

My professional background is in Archeology and Yoga instruction. Nowadays I'm busy mainly with Portuguese language instruction and Tribal Fusion Belly Dance teaching, which I've been doing since 2007.

More recently I have completed an ethnographical research and nonprofit dance exchange project together with the Sosolya Undugu Dance Academy from Uganda, searching for early Belly Dance motives in Traditional African Dance. For 2016 I'm planning to a similar research project in Thailand.

My life journey and teaching experience confirm that neither a dance background, flexibility and young age are compulsory for you to learn Dance. It's your vision, confidence, consistency, good guidance and an open heart that prepare you to become your dream.

Every person’s experience and body is unique. I see Dance as a amazing tool to explore self expression, for connecting with others, a source of inspiration and experience ecstasy. I assure you that Dance changes you and makes you realise you are a spark of divinity.